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But yet we started boarding right away. We have taken this flight several times and have never had any major issues. Avec KAYAK comparez aussi les offres de dernière minute pour des vols depuis tous les aéroports de France vers Malte. Points négatifs : "Check-in process was a nightmare not well coordinated and took forever", Points négatifs : "L’embarquement prioritaire", Points positifs : "Fast process, precisely organized." ", Points positifs : "Staff was friendly" There was no food, no entertainment, and definitely no entertainment. ", Points positifs : "1. Pour prendre 40€ simplement pour ça, ce n'est pas bien juste. Points négatifs : "Baggage fees are ridiculous! ", Points positifs : "The crew did a fanstastic job!" No worth the trip to Malta. Would be nice to have at least a complimentary bottle of water. I felt unbearably sick but couldn't bring myself to get out of my seat. 45 minute delay while waiting to take off. It isn't as low cost as it initial appears. My carry on bag which has fit in all the trains across Europe and other airlines did not meet the standards of Vueling so I was charged with 50 euros which is ok with me. Points négatifs : "L'embarquement et le retard du vol", Points positifs : "Bad seats, too small" Points négatifs : "Pas de boissons offertes . Always allow at least 2+ hours for a transfer. Points négatifs : "The female FA gave me an attitude when I asked about moving to a window seat", Points positifs : "Older aircraft; no charging or internet. You were 100% unprofessional. Points négatifs : "Ground personnel not friendly at all at Heathrow. Le standard téléphonique n'a rien voulu savoir et nous a demandé 790 euros pour pouvoir changer le prénom sur le billet. Les dates sélectionnées sont susceptibles de ne pas donner de résultats en raison du COVID-19. Empruntez le ferry pour vous rendre sur l’île de Gozo. We were led to the baggage claim and told to pick up our bags to be rechecked- then the flight attendants disappeared, giving us no further direction as to where to go or what to do. ", Points négatifs : "Le billet pris était un cadeau pour ma mère mais par erreur j'ai indiqué mon prénom au lieu de celui de ma mère. Worst airline ever. La nourriture est chère mais cest comme ca dans les aéroports. Nous comparons toutes les offres de plus de 300 compagnies aériennes pour trouver celle qui vous convient le mieux, y compris des vols à bas prix, des offres de dernière minute et des promotions spéciales proposés par les agences de voyage avec lesquelles nous travaillons. Votre billet en poche, c’est parti pour un séjour dont vous vous … Great take off and landing." ", Points positifs : "Flight was fine once we got going but one staff working made for a long long line and a half hour delay. Comfortable and decent legroom in the cabin." ", Points positifs : "Really happily uneventful ride." Points négatifs : "The food it far from satisfactory. For the cost, the size and quality was poor. Staff couldn’t seem to get food service down. Captain says we can’t wait. Un mini-sandwich en guise de repas. their staff all handle carry-on luggage discreetly even when slightly over sized ... Compliments to Volotea. Web site just says check bags start at 15 euro, actual price was over 50 euro. Points négatifs : "La "confiscation" avant la montée à bord de mon bagage à main afin de le mettre en soute. Et comme toujours avec RyanAir retard du vol. Nourriture très moyenne, voire médiocre. Let’s go. ", Points positifs : "minimum fuss from beginning to end, and no bombarding by emails. Vous pourrez ainsi voir des vols France-Malte jusqu’à 3 jours avant et après vos dates de prédilection, et ainsi trouver l’offre qui vous convient le mieux. ", Points positifs : "Personnel were helpful, polite and spoke English as well as many other languages." ", Points positifs : "Quick and easy boarding" ", Points positifs : "Personnel poli et avion silencieux" Points négatifs : "Slight delay on departure but not really an issue. I am 6'2" and had to sit sideways due to my knees jammed into the seat infront of me", Points négatifs : "Late boarding. Points négatifs : "La dimension non standard du bagage de cabine comparée aux autres compagnies aériennes", Points positifs : "I cancelled the trip because in reading the fine print, I found the cost of checking a single small bag almost as much as the cost of the flight itself. some almost missed the flight", Points positifs : "Le vol s'est bien passé" Meilleure période pour échapper aux foules, avec une baisse moyenne des prix de, Période la plus populaire pour voyager, avec une hausse moyenne des prix de, (prix moyen sur les 2 dernières semaines). It was not an Iberia flight but was operated by Veuling airlines, however was still unable to check in by going directly to the Veuling website. Points négatifs : "Extremely poor service by the cabin crew. I’m pissed at your holier than thou attitude. This can be for the following reasons: As soon as you solve the CAPTCHA above, you will get direct access to www.transavia.com. Crew is very friendly. Nous vous suggérons de modifier les dates. Not even a complimentary toothbrush which has been given to me along with toiletries and a t-shirt the last time my bags were delayed. Points négatifs : "They sold perfume and lottery tickets when I needed a cup of water. ", Points positifs : "The crew were uplifting and ready to serve. Malte fait partir de l’UE, seuls une carte nationale d’identité ou un passeport valide pendant la durée de vos vacances à Malte sont demandés pour entrer sur le territoire, y compris pour les mineurs, et ce, pour les séjours de moins de 3 mois. L'atterrissage était tellement atroce que des gens ont commencé à faire leur dernière prière. Les dates de voyage ne sont pas toujours figées. Mettez à jour votre navigateur pour afficher correctement ce site Web. I hope to never fly Volotea again. L’outil de Prédiction des prix KAYAK se base sur un historique des données pour déterminer si le prix des vols entre la France et Malte est susceptible de changer au cours des 7 prochains jours, afin d’aider les voyageurs à savoir s’ils doivent attendre ou réserver maintenant. We think that you are a robot. The check in was not smooth and we have to wait a couple of times. Par exemple, vous pouvez rejoindre directement Malte depuis l’aéroport de Marseille (MRS) en 2 h de vol avec Ryanair. The take off was bumpy, fast and uncomfortable. I am sorry to say I’ve already booked my return flight, however after that flight I am never flying Vuelig again! Points négatifs : "1-No entertainment 2-No wifi 3-Seats extremely close 4-Food awful, sandwich was soggy 5- Only water is complimentary 6-No frequent flier of US airlines for frequent flier points 7-Lost bag due to the tag being ripped off", Points négatifs : "Worst leg room ever. Points négatifs : "We had to spend €50 to check a bag that we can carry on to other flights due to weight restriction. KAYAK parcourt des centaines de sites et vous aide à dénicher un billet pas cher et à trouver le vol qu’il vous faut. Staff were excellent though. Points négatifs : "Food and no entertainment, crew was not consequent with safety rules. ", Points positifs : "Nothing" Points négatifs : "There was no power outlet to recharge the phone and no entertainment. Temps de vol respecté. Points négatifs : "N/a", Points négatifs : "We had to wait for someone... Couldn't leave with out them. ", Points positifs : "Professionalism" The aircraft I was in did the job well." Rear door was open when getting off the aircraft which made things quicker." Is Air Malta becoming Ryan Air?? Be aware when trying to check in online, not only posible if you don’t pay a fee to choose seats. ", Points positifs : "Très bien Parking p4 un peu étrange on doit laisser les clefs de son véhicule sans aucun reçu Bizarre", Points positifs : "L’équipage était agréable, possibilité de changer de siège, arrivée rapide à Madrid." ", Points positifs : "It was a short flight, so we didn't have a meal or anything like that. Have never had this happen in 25 years of travel. 1 Passager, Took forever", Points positifs : "Nice staff on board." Didn't seem very hygienic. Very unpleasant! Upon waiting at the gate I came to realise that 17 other people had also been bumped. We entered the correct date, but somehow we still received flights for 5 days after the date we needed. Seats horrible. then the said 1 hour delay. La très belle plage de Paradise Bay est à 30 km et 45 min de voiture de l’aéroport, à l’extrémité nord-ouest de l’île, et à seulement 1 km de l’embarcadère pour le ferry qui mène aux îles de Gozo et Comino. ", Points positifs : "Legroom was good" Confort, bagages, prestations à bord, tout est bien organisé et optimal." Le verre d'eau n'est pas gratuit dans l'avion? Therefore instead of being able to sit in a restaurant comfortably waiting. I understand delays and unforeseen events, but no rep had the courtesy of telling us why we had been kept waiting this way, on the contrary we were told to move further down the stairs so we can make more room, resulting in being crammed one next to each other. ", Points positifs : "Comfortable flight. ", Points positifs : "All was just great and on time", Points positifs : "Crew on board was hard working and polite." ", Points positifs : "Efficient service that was on time. 1h de vol= 1 h de dérangement à essayer de nous fourguer les produits vendus à Bord. ", Points positifs : "Getting off the plane in Barcelona" After another hour sitting in this tin can and our own flight passengers now missing there connections due to this double delay the pilot announced he has no clue what’s going on. I have no idea why they make you go through security again when you never leave a secure area. ", Points positifs : "Aéroport facile d'accès. ", Points négatifs : "Snack would be nice - does everything need to have a fee? ", Points négatifs : "WIFI announcement which did not exist", Points positifs : "Nothing! ", Points négatifs : "Premierement, le personnel de l'aeroport est totalement irrespectueux a l'aeroport frankfurt hahn. Clean plane." ", Points négatifs : "tout faire pour faire payer le passager des suppléments, c est pathétique, surtout quand cela retarde l'embarquement (enregistrer les bagages au contrôle ralenti tout le monde), le personnel n adhère pas à la politique commerciale, et les clients sont agacés par cela. ", Points positifs : "Boarding was easy, check in online to save time and get a better seat" Points négatifs : "Rien le ✈ vol était très court", Points positifs : "Pouvoir embarquer depuis une vraie aérogare (pas le MP2) La durée du vol (1h) Le personnel navigant" Points négatifs : "Food", Points positifs : "nothing" When we went to the restaurant we were told that we were only allowed one of the cold sandwiches and a small drink. Points négatifs : "Herded on to overcrowded buses to and from tarmac. The second: no soap at all. ", Points positifs : "Rapide" Économique, Disponible uniquement en classe Économique, Vols au départ de Paris Charles de Gaulle. ", Points négatifs : "Get what you get with discount airline, but booking, travel, arrival went without a glitch", Points négatifs : "Seats far too small and uncomfortable. Beyond awful! Food and drink were served 20 mins before landing, some people didn’t get a chance to have a drink. So they charged me 120 Euros extra for nothing and only did this once they saw my American Passport. Points négatifs : "The seats could have been better, and the lighting", Points négatifs : "Serait vraiment pas mal si RyanAir diminuait la fréquence de ses retards. Points négatifs : "The Volotea website was very poorly run and thus, we accidentally booked the flight on the wrong date, due to the way the calendar was loaded on the site. Air Malta I have a message to you. Points négatifs : "The seats werent the best and my seat didnt have a window. ", Points négatifs : "Paid for priority board but there’s no priority given at the gate. Points négatifs : "La ponctualité et les services en ligne", Points positifs : "Priced right." ", Points négatifs : "The flight was 5 hours late and the company did not give us any information about when the flight would take off and what the problem was. Cela peut venir des raisons suivantes : Une fois le CAPTCHA ci-dessus résolu, vous accéderez à nouveau tout de suite à www.transavia.com. Et surtout tout le monde perd du temps à l'arrivée à attendre un bagage "cabine" mis en soute. ", Points positifs : "Relatively on time. ", Points négatifs : "Over 2 hour delay, and they lost my checked bag. There were queues leading to even longer queues and we were two hours waiting to reach the passport control desk. ", Points positifs : "It felt like a top airline, fast boarding, great service. Clean up your unprofessional act. Cordialement", Points positifs : "The inflight crew was friendly. When they finally realized they could not repair the plane, they put everyone on another plane. Plane was totally crowded and bathrooms were unavailable for long periods of time. So the staff in Paris blatantly lied just to get us to leave them alone. Ceci est fait volontairement pour facturer une option supplémentaire.. Honteux !! She was a spaniard lady lacking all customer service skills. Points négatifs : "Politique des bagages et leur coût ! Points négatifs : "The club sandwich was rather disgusting", Points négatifs : "Great, prompt service Thank you,Vueling Team From now on , we are you loyal customers", Points négatifs : "The departure could have been on time. Upon doing that we were told to go back to the check in desk. Points négatifs : "Flight delayed and slow boarding", Points positifs : "I slept comfortably. Overall experience is just ok.", Points positifs : "Flight was on time, Staff was courteous", Points positifs : "On time. ", Points positifs : "Even though the airplane was packed, I didn't feel crowded." Points négatifs : "Have to carry any carry-on luggage up the metal stairs in any weather, up to plane. Points négatifs : "At 6 ft, I only had enough leg room when I moved to a seat which had a spare seat next to it, allowing me to swing my legs. ", Points négatifs : "Flight was very delayed", Points positifs : "I had a row to myself and it was a pleasant and uneventful flight." Airport at Catania changed departure gate 3 times, causing great confusion. Absolutely appalling as we were starving and exhausted. ", Points positifs : "Glad I paid for the emergency aisle. Beware", Points positifs : "the plane were very old and we felt scared since there was turbulence and the plane showed an unsafe one...", Points négatifs : "There was no airline or flight by his name . Points négatifs : "Leaving on time (we were an hour late because of a discrepancy between number of passengers checked and number on board.) Even later arrival (no gate available). Points négatifs : "The staff that works in the counter was very rude. My flight cost about $100, surely a small snack would be possible". ", Points négatifs : "En plus de cela , nous avons repris le même vol à Toulouse ( aéroport le plus proche ) : vol retardé et avons dû payer un supplément de 30€ car l enregistrement par le site n a pas fonctionné", Points négatifs : "Les surcoûts non annoncés (30 euros pour éditer un billet à l'aéroport !). Seattle has improved its arrivals hall, so clearing immigration and customs is much quicker than it used to be." Not a cool experience, especially when Luton is 2hrs away from London so the passengers had already spent at least 3-4 hours on the road to get to the airport. Je ne me souviens plus quand c'était la dernière fois que j'ai pris un vol chez eux et qu'il est parti à l'heure. De plus j'ai payé l'option priorité car on m'a dit que le bébé avait droit à un bagage de 10Kg qu'on pouvait envoyer en soute et ce n'était pas le cas. That was TERRIBLE!!!!!!!! Totally no customer care" Points négatifs : "Delayed flight which lead to then sitting in the plane on the runway awaiting a time to take off. JavaScript needs to be enabled to complete CAPTCHA. This time a flight in Palermo had technical difficulties, so we would take on their passengers. ", Points positifs : "Seats were clean" Take off & landing were very smooth. Points négatifs : "Flight 40 mins late", Points négatifs : "Le fait de mettre les bagages en soute alors qu’il y avait pleins de places en cabines + les ventes en cours de l’avion + le niveau d’aide du personnel Rayan air", Points positifs : "The price and the female staff were gorgeous." Boarding was chaotic. Flight attendant didn’t serve the back half of then plane with drinks. ", Points positifs : "The inflight crew was very nice" Le trafic domestique aérien est inexistant sur l’île de Malte du fait de sa petite superficie. Points négatifs : "Everything. Points négatifs : "3 hours late taking off", Points négatifs : "Check in was a mess. Points négatifs : "Crew consistently trying to sell you everything", Points positifs : "Le sourire du personnel", Points positifs : "Avion récent-aucun retard", Points positifs : "flight was delayed by 2 hours. My debit card was handed to another passenger because the steward had no idea what he was doing. Sélectionnez jusqu'à 3 aéroports de départ, Saisissez un emplacement pour afficher les aéroports à proximité, Sélectionnez jusqu'à 3 aéroports d'arrivée, Sélectionnez un aéroport dans le champ de recherche, 0 bébé/siège (moins de 2 ans) sélectionné, 0 bébé/genoux (moins de 2 ans) sélectionné. Les notes se basent sur les avis des utilisateurs KAYAK, Points positifs : "I didn’t like anything" Points négatifs : "Rien", Points positifs : "Le professionnalisme de l'équipe" Quand ce n'est pas les repas avec 5 min de lecture lourde avec son fort dont on se moque, puis la vente de parfums et autres avec liste lourde...vient le tour de cartes à gratter... insuportable , de surcroît si on veut se reposer", Points positifs : "Rien de special" Points négatifs : "Flight was late. Departed an hour late. Staff were disorganised confused and rude. ", Points positifs : "Smooth trip" Then they load us onto the jet and apologize for the delay. ", Points positifs : "Fare itself is very reasonable for distance." Paris - Ħal Luqa est l’itinéraire le plus populaire avec un temps de vol moyen de 2h 45min. Je n'ai pas eu connaissance de cette information . I mean late when you have to wait for the announnouncement of your flight for hours" Points négatifs : "Navigating Heathrow when changing terminals is horrid. Not sure how I got bumped from a flight that I bought a ticket for 3 weeks ago? Points négatifs : "The flight was delayed for an hour which made me late for where i needed to be", Points négatifs : "Our flight was delayed by over 3 hours but we were never properly informed as to when the flight was actually leaving. La ville d'arrivée doit être différente de la ville de départ. The worst service or total lack of that I’ve ever had. There was no food or entertainment but that was expected. Et deuxiemement, les gens sont tres bruyants dans l'avion apres avoir bu de l'alcool. Trying to nap on aisle seat with constant shouting was impossible. Trouvez des billets d’avion pas chers pour n’importe quelle destination de Malte depuis tous les aéroports de France. ", Points positifs : "Tea and coffee should be included not you have to buy it! It did take the edge off flying into this particular terminal in Heathrow. Restez informé des changements de restrictions de voyage pour ce pays (Malte) et recevez des mises à jour par e-mail. Les nouveaux sièges sont bien moins confortables que les précédents, totalement pensé pour être extrement fins et légers afin de dépenser le moins de kérosène possible", Points négatifs : "Il est inadmissible qu'on ne donne même pas un verre d'eau durant ce voyage qui a duré 3 heures de temps et en plus pour un voyageur avec un bébé. If I pay for a snack can I get some water?" ", Points positifs : "Plane and flight were fine once we got aboard and underway." Points négatifs : "Really long delay with hardly any information of when takeoff will be", Points positifs : "we reached our destination alive" KAYAK Mix vous permet de combiner des allers simples pour économiser par rapport à un aller-retour traditionnel. Handling the turbulence was unbearable and I had a full blown panic attack on the flight. Points négatifs : "LONG lines to check bags at the Malta airport. If you're not going to be allowed to check in online, that is one, thing, but it isn't great to be given a link that doesn't work and then be nervous that you are not going to get on your flight. Veuillez vérifier les conditions sur le site de réservation. Limited leg room on the plane. Now half of us missed our connections!! We tried to change them at the airport, and after being sent to 2 different ticket counters, we ended up paying an additional $420 to get the flights we needed. Un vol direct depuis la France pour Malte dure en moyenne 20h 53min, parcourant une distance de 1485 km. Nous avons l’impression que vous êtes un robot. Air Malta a supprimé ses frais de modification et d’annulation pour les vols pour Malte. How does an airline overbook a flight that much? He couldn't even move. Imagine, running out of wine in France! ", Points positifs : "It was a quick flight." Same thing after landing. KAYAK est un moteur de recherche dédié au voyage, qui parcourt le Web à la recherche des meilleurs prix que nous puissions trouver pour nos utilisateurs. We stood out there for 40 minutes. Took off later than expected because of the chaotic boarding. Check in luggage was very expensive! Information in Catalan, as we were flying to Catalonia. The pocket in front of the seat (back of previous seat) was filthy with what looked like yogurt and chewing gum. ", Points négatifs : "Harcellement des commerciaux censés êtres des equipages navigant. Points négatifs : "Charles de Gaulle airport", Points positifs : "Nothing what so ever, not seen such a rude staff in my years of traveling. Points négatifs : "Honestly, I would consider myself well travelled but after this flight I wanted to rule out air travel from our future plans.

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