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As one of the top Twitter influencers, her tweets range from letting people know about her latest projects to keeping people up-to-date about what’s going on with OWN. Is there anything Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw can't do? them by name or location exclude recipients notes, and categorize contacts by tags and This is great for all the brands and individuals out there trying to grow their influence and audience size in the B2B community, as it’s easier for them to get heard through all the noise. Andy Biotech knows his Biotech stuff, and for that alone he's worth keeping an eye on. Though not without critics, Redfield – the recipient of the Surgeon General's Physician Recognition Award – is undeniably an immense figure in the medical community, and his experience as a virology researcher means that he has a strong understanding of how Biotechnology continues to evolve. Snow studied at Oxford University and has also appeared as a host and presenter for numerous BBC historical documentaries. Nowadays, his fans can connect with him on multiple social media platforms, including Twitter. Sam is a Market Research Analyst at Disruptor Daily. The company launched their flagship content vehicle, the Biotech Strategy Blog, in 2010, and the trade publication focuses on exciting developments regarding approaches to immuno-oncology and targeted therapies. © 2020 IZEA. Gamers know Mark Fischbach as Markiplier, and he’s built a huge audience of more than 25 million subscribers on YouTube. Nearly 60,000 followers tune in to get Acharya's opinions on what to pay attention to when it comes to development in Biotech, specifically the realm of genomics. He’s hosted shows like “This Old House” and “Restore America” and has written a number of books on historical buildings and restoration. So haben sie auch die Chance, sich mit den Top Twitter Influencer Accounts in Deutschland zu verlinken. Dr. Tedros Adhanom is currently serving as Director-General of the World Health Organization, the first African ever elected to the post. You can also Now! Bruce Booth is an early stage Biotech venture capitalist investor, so he has a similar perspective on Biotech to our previously listed influencer, Brad Loncar. The institutions he heads have conducted over 1,000 studies, published 3,000 manuscripts in peer-reviewed literary sources, and have led 60 FDA submissions. And, after all this – running a business, being a mega-philanthropist, and more – she still finds time to Tweet her opinions on Biotech, shout out those impacting the industry's future, and Retweet stories that she finds appealing. #B2BMarketing: Top 100 Twitter Accounts To Follow. Glückwunsch für all die Twitter Accounts, die es in die Top 75 Liste geschafft haben. The Twitter influencer known as Andy Biotech qualifies for inclusion for a couple obvious reasons. Another pop star and top Twitter influencer, Ariana Grande has built up a following of more than 45 million people, tweeting about equality, her music, and dabbing. While much of what he reports is England-centric in its bent, Pym frequently discusses topics and trends which affect health and Biotech more broadly. Need expert advice on home improvement? Now! Pop star and top Twitter influencer Lady Gaga has always been known for more than her music. His aptitude as a researcher is apparent not only from his professional positions and accomplishments, but also his Twitter feed, which over 91,000 users follow to gain a better understanding of Biotech innovation. Pop singer Britney Spears keeps her 52.2 million Twitter followers entertained with posts about her music career and family, making her one of the top Twitter influencers. You don't have to have a doctorate or license to practice medicine in order to help push forward the advancement of biotechnology, and Liz Szabo has mastered the craft of medical science reporting. narrow your search Michael Mosley is yet another BBC-affiliated influencer, and Mosley specializes in informing his followers how they can reverse Type 2 Diabetes through healthy practices. Pop star and top Twitter influencer Selena Gomez knows how to keep things real for her fans and 47 million followers. influencer leads. Möchten Sie wissen, welche Twitter Accounts in Deutschland im Bereich Jura am einflussreichsten sind um sich mit ihnen zu verbinden? Rapper and top Twitter influencer Lil Wayne keeps his 29.7 million followers entertained with tweets about music, sports, and pretty much everything else. The Twitter influencer known as Andy Biotech qualifies for inclusion for a couple obvious reasons. Having clearly done his homework regarding the science behind how sugar intake and unhealthy practices can adversely damage health, Mosley has made it his mission to share decades of knowledge with those who are wise enough to follow him. As a producer of several health and science-related television shows and documentaries, primarily for the BBC, Mosley is largely credited with helping to popularize the 5:2 nutritional plan, another testament to his dedication toward understanding the biological processes which drive health. They also tend to be more cost-effective options. He is regarded perennially not only as one of the top medical minds in Boston, but the entire United States, if not the world. She prides herself on the ability to ‘help people navigate health and technology', and as technology and health become ever-increasingly intertwined, individuals such as Susannah Fox become more and more valuable. Sind Sie Rechtsanwalt oder im Bereich Jura tätig und nutzen regelmäßig Social Media in Ihrer Online Marketing Strategie? Because it's an innovative, noteworthy company which falls in the realm of Biotech, Smith is a natural inclusion for this list. In fact, having founded Celera Genomics in 1998, where he assisted in coding the human genome, results of which were published in 2001, Venter is inarguably one of the most impactful, important people of the 21st century. through a single social, NinjaOutreach will scan other social profiles Her 41 million Twitter followers know she has a new show on NBC, is hosting a dance competition on CBS, and is scheduled to be in the remake of “Bye Bye Birdie” next winter. The top Twitter influencer’s Tweets include updates about her latest singles, goofy pics, and lots of retweets of fan’s tweets. Facebook or Instagram influencer marketing can help you reach potential customers who aren’t on Twitter. Or maybe you just want to keep up with the latest developments in the video game industry. Barack Obama@barackobama Leer Más TOP TWITTER 01 126m fOLLOWERS $40M FORTUNE Justin Bieber@justinbieber Leer Más TOP TWITTER 02 113m fOLLOWERS $265M FORTUNE Katy Perry@katyperry Leer Más TOP TWITTER 03 109m fOLLOWERS $360M FORTUNE Rihanna@rihanna Leer Más TOP TWITTER 04 99.5m fOLLOWERS $600M FORTUNE Cristiano Ronaldo@cristiano Leer Más TOP TWITTER … count! When it comes to Biotech, Collins is about as big a fish as there is, and the physician-geneticist is a solid Twitter follow who regularly shares accounts of his personal exploits as Director, stories reflective of Biotech's current trajectory, and studies which he believes the public should be aware of. Based in Bangalore, Mazumdar-Shaw founded the company and has led it to the immense heights in which it currently operates. He has also been recognized by the European Commission in the form of an appointment as a member in a network consortium assessing Chinese medicine. Booth is a partner in Atlas Venture, a venture capital firm which specializes investing in the life sciences. He uses his Twitter account to promote his projects and spread historical tidbits. Save your Twitter influencer leads to a list for Schedule when to 7 Tipps für eine effiziente Mandantenakquise von Anwälten. you view message histories, leave detailed Start filter Twitter A former Navy Corpsman, Venter made Time's 2007 and 2008 lists of the 100 Most Influential People in the World. You can also sort Girgis is a working physician with an unrivaled commitment to keeping her social followers in the loop as it pertains to the constantly evolving world of medicine, and we truly appreciate her hustle, as do her other 100,000 Twitter followers. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. When it comes to adding often witty, insightful tidbits to stories that touch upon important developments in Biotech and medicine in general, Herper is unmatched. And first up, representing the Biotech media segment of influencers….Liz Szabo! They identify the genetic drivers of each unique form of cancer as it pertains to the individual, and use that genetic information to administer the treatment that has the best chance of working. To get you started, take a look at these top Twitter influencers in the fields of home improvement, psychology, history, and gaming. 7 Tipps für das Homeoffice in Corona-Zeiten, Erreichbarkeit zu Zeiten des Corona Virus: stayathome, Social Media Marketing: Die 5 wichtigsten Punkte um relevant zu bleiben. lets you export lead She’s got her own TV network (OWN) and her own magazine, so is it any surprise Oprah also has a big following (36.5 million) on Twitter? She tweets PSAs about health, notices about her newest singles, and clips of her appearing on talk shows. Steven Pinker is a cognitive scientist at Harvard, and he’s widely known for writing books like the Pulitzer Prize-nominated “How the Mind Works.” Thanks to his experimental and theoretical research contributions, Pinker became an elected member of the National Academy of Sciences in 2016. results by follower What else does this top Twitter influencer tweet about? With over 62,000 followers, Pym's audience can gain access to his breaking stories regarding Biotech as well as his personal insights which he delivers exclusively on his Twitter timeline. require. They aim to do this through educating the general population about their own health and the options available to them in a rapidly moving industry, as well as doing the research that will help contribute to further treatment breakthroughs. For decades, Bob Vila has been a well-known name in the home repair niche. Joanna is Chip’s wife and co-founder of Magnolia. Feel free to comment and share the names and twitter profiles of fintech influencers you know. His students aren’t the only ones who get to hear his psychology insights though. Kevin M. Kruse is a professor of history at Princeton University. Search, Scalable and Effective Influencer Outreach Tool, Business Lead Generation : Get Leads with a Simple Search. Lipscomb is the author of books such, as “1536: The Year That Changed Henry VIII” and “A Visitor’s Companion to Tudor England.” She also wrote and presented a number of historical documentaries for the BBC. However, she does also dabble in the collegiate realm, working as an assistant professor at Rutgers' Robert Wood Johnson Medical School and also serves as a faculty member at Harvard Medical School, where she contributes to courses on Continuing Medical Education. Students of today have a unique ability to adapt to new technology at a rapid pace. The top Twitter Influencer has his own line of soccer gear with Nike and posts plenty of shirtless photos to keep at least a few of his 51.5 million followers happy. Head to Twitter and sort through the top influencers in your favorite niche. - Terms of Service | Privacy Notice | California Privacy Notice, IZEA Reminds Investors of Shake Conference Call, IZEA Restores Employee Salaries to Pre-COVID Levels. There are hundreds of fintech influencers on twitter and this list is in no way exhaustive. In his role within Orig3n, he essentially has the vision and strategy of the company in his hands.

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