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For 1958, the Fury’s colour was “Buckskin Beige”. possible pour le moteur: un V8 de 350cid All sorts of “license” was taken in both the book and the movie, from the 4 doors to the column shifter to the door locks …. 0-1 km 28.4 sest. If I had been the seller I’d have taken that money and ran. sur cette production : http://www.ch300imp.com/62coronado.htm, PHOTOS de la I’m here to tell ya honey They only came in white and gold for 1956 & 1957. https://www.ebay.com/i/372645483980?chn=ps&norover=1&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-117182-37290-0&mkcid=2&itemid=372645483980&targetid=860672015661&device=c&mktype=pla&googleloc=9010332&poi=&campaignid=2086088130&mkgroupid=90513601338&rlsatarget=aud-622524041518:pla-860672015661&abcId=1141016&merchantid=101646991&gclid=CjwKCAiAsIDxBRAsEiwAV76N8zPlG45JGeDcE38J4fG0NLOLKG6_Wejew0XlXmNdxG7-ICkeqxe9qxoC2YMQAvD_BwE. And looking at the front it’s not hard to imagine it with single headlights and seeing the ’57 in it. 0-1/4 mile 15.8 sest. photos : elles Furys in base form retained the 318 Poly with dual 4’s, and revved up cam, and dual exhaust, or one could option up to the new B-block 350 with dual 4’s, cam, and dual exhaust. ‘Christine’ of course WAS the star of its own movie but Bolander’s ’58 was in so many great scenes from the movie with different characters, and for a while it was part of the actual story. Find out more about how we use your information in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. PLAZA comprend trois Directed by horror master John Carpenter, the 1983 movie was based on a book written by Stephen King. Vu la rareté de la Fury (5303 exemplaires produits), dans le film, ils n’ont pas utilisé que des Plymouth Fury, parmi les 24 véhicules achetés pour le tournage, beaucoup sont des Plymouth Belvedere (qui n’ont pas de baguettes latérales dorées). I’m so glad they didn’t stick with that for the movie. 3600t/mn, compression 8:1 I think that if there was any sort of knock-off going on in this situation it’s the opposite way than you presented it. agrandir) . The bumper sticker says “Watch out for me…I am Pure Evil. 0-1 km 28.1 sest. it was a movie and no one gave a rip about car details like car guys do. Yeah, and exterior paint schemes were also available in a sandstone white-on-white paint job. and he displayed it with little fanfare with a for sale sigh for $2.500.00, if I remember correctly, I have pictures of me standing in front of it with a puddle of antifreeze on the ground and with no wheel covers just wide whites and rims, I was not impressed with this guys lack of pride in owning this great piece of rolling movie history! développant 225cv à 4400t/mn, Privacy Policy, Cookies Policy and Terms and Conditions and Disclaimer. Seats should be red with black tweed upholstery, and the door panels don’t match what I recall from the movie. It sure is a beauty… I would love to park it in my garage. SPORT SUBURBAN $2504 en V8 or to add this car to comparison - click one of the buttons below: Fuel consumptionsimulation based on the European type of traffic (mileage)extra-urban / city / highway / average combined:l/100km:13.5-16.2 / 22.2-26.6 / 16.4-19.7 / 18.4mpg (imp. Achat immédiat +10,00 EUR (livraison) C'est le dernier. Rides nice! WAGON 4 portes 6 places à $2725 en 6 cyl et We and our partners will store and/or access information on your device through the use of cookies and similar technologies, to display personalised ads and content, for ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. We’ve featured a few “Christine-ish” cars here on Barn Finds over the years, but this one is the real-deal…Not a replica. That’s definitely a small block, though I’m not sure just how big. The more you drive it, the less mileage it has! Cependant, le combat pour devenir dieu n’est pas fini, il reste encore beaucoup d’opposants prêts à tout pour gagner. Not ever going to purchase a vehicle that I could not drive, not even if I hit the Powerball jackpot. I won’t spoil it, but beginning on the assembly line, the car menaces nearly everyone it comes in contact with. My pop wasn’t really into this sort of film so it was his decision to walk out. 30 ans après la sortie de film, il semblerait que le charme que dégage cette voiture ne se soit pas étiolé avec le temps. 0-1 km 28.8 sest. HARDTOP 2 portes 6 places à $2422 en 6 cyl 5200t/mn, coupé sans montant 2 WAGON 4 portes 9 places à $2865 en 6 cyl et La Fury était la version sportive de la Belvedere, elle avait un moteur bien plus puissant. What is evil about the Tulsa car is that it was put in that underground vault which was not water-tight, and with no way to keep an eye on its situation down there. My old man was an old man by the time “Christine” and “American Graffitti” came out, and they were the only two movies I could get him to sit through with me in the theater. 0-100 km/h 7.1 s, 1958 Mercury Montclair 2-Door Turnpike Cruiser 430 Marauder V-8 360-hp Multi-Drive Merc-O-Matic North America U.S.207 km/h / 129 mphest. 114,95 EUR. None of the hype changes the fact that these were really poorly built cars. If this actual car was used in the movie, the interior’s been changed. Check on YouTube for Cold War Motors,they are rebuilding a ’60 Fury two door hardtop from three different cars,two ’60 Plymouths and a ’60 Dodge and it is really turning out great. Story goes when putting the car together, he knew someone at the studio where the damaged Christines ( he said about a dozen of them) were stored and chicken boned those cars to restore his. Les diodes qui illuminent les phares avants ne sont pas blanches mais très légèrement bleutées comme sur l’affiche du film, donnant à la voiture son aspect surnaturel. without speed governor). See link to chips. - Performance Data. Christine, the 1958 Plymouth Fury. carrosseries en V8 It was introduced for the 1956 model year as a sub-series of the Plymouth Belvedere, becoming a separate series one level above the contemporary Belvedere for 1959. The other King car was a Buick 8. You may be thinking of the Gran Fury. Achetez en toute sécurité et au meilleur prix sur eBay, la livraison est rapide. It would be fun if someone based a sequel off of the Tulsa time capsule Belvedere…after the car is removed from the tomb, it slowly starts de-rusting and comes back to life as Christine’s evil sister LOL. There is a video on YouTube about one guy who has own Christine (wonder how many) in California. agrandir) What killed these cars in droves was the fins becoming embarrassingly unfashionable in the 60’s. RULES: No profanity, politics, or personal attacks. On peut toujours attraper la poignée, mais cette pièce étant fragile, ce n’est guère recommandé. Fury had several colors available. 127,15 EUR. 45 Results. 0-60 mph 7.1 sest. If you haven’t seen the movie, it is a must-watch for car enthusiasts. américaines : il n'y a que cela avec la Limousine It’s a big block wedge, which was 350 cid in 1958. comprend deux carrosseries I am CHRISTINE.” Yikes. My guess is a 413 but I’m not a Mopar guy. Remerciements : without speed governor) Accelerations: 0-80 km/h (sec):5.50-100 km/h (sec):7.40-160 km/h (sec):19.40-200 km/h (sec):0-300 km/h (sec): 0-50 mph (sec):5.60-60 mph (sec):70-100 mph (sec):19.70-150 mph (sec):0-200 mph (sec):Drag times: 0- 1/4mile (sec):15.60- 1km (sec):28.4 Full performance data, accelerations chart, acceleration on gears, speed range on gears, overtaking factors etc. Pontiac Chieftain Series 25 … Le plus gros défaut de cette miniature est probablement le fait que les phares arrière ne s’allument pas, heureusement, comme la majorité du temps ils sont éteints, ça ne saute pas aux yeux. 5200t/mn, compression 9,25:1 These dual quads are on an Offy intake, so it’s not a stock setup anyway. Cette année The automobile-catalog.com website is only for the on-line view using the internet browser. 6 cylindres : 230,2cid développant 132cv à année. unless they have a big wing on the back. (cliquez pour GM’s cars were fat and bloated in 1958. extra-urban / city / highway / average combined: If you refer to the information from this website, please always indicate www.automobile-catalog.com as a source, with the appropriate link.To view table with complete performance data and technical specifications (including final drive and gear ratios, powertrain description, dimensions, accelerations chart etc.) 0-1 km 28.4 sest. In the first scene of the movie (assembly line scene) they were gold painted. The owner of this 1958 Plymouth Fury had no fear restoring it as Christine. agrandir) 0-60 mph 7.2 sest. Updated Mar 22, 2019; Posted Aug 04, 2016 . What engine size ? Loaded with very rare and extremely hard to find parts! This subject has been discussed ad nauseum by Forward Look guys ever since the movie came out. “The Car” wasn’t really a bad film. Register in the USERZONE, share real world car performance results, show us your car, All Makes in automobile-catalog / VIN Check, detailed car history by VIN, Photo of the moment:1965 Marlin by Rambler 232 Six overdrive (Photo: AMC). C. webmestre du If you’re referencing Ms. Belvedere, then I will say this: that car looks better than I think its supposed to. Very similar. année 0-100 km/h 7.6 s, 1958 Pontiac Super Chief Catalina Coupe Tempest 395 Tri-Power North America U.S.208 km/h / 129 mphest. 0-100 km/h 8.5 s, 1958 Mercury Montclair Phaeton Coupe 430 Super Marauder V-8 400-hp Multi-Drive Merc-O-Matic North America U.S.214 km/h / 133 mphest. In those days either a 301 or 318 if I recall correctly. 0-100 km/h 7.2 s, 1958 Mercury Park Lane Phaeton Coupe 430 Marauder V-8 360-hp Multi-Drive Merc-O-Matic North America U.S.206 km/h / 128 mphest. Yours and yours alone Some product and company names mentioned on this site may be trademarks of their respective owners. Plymouth Fury Golden Commando V-8 Fuel Injected (LP2) (man. We had a ’59 wagon in 1959. Poly V8, had a different block and heads then the A engines. 10 785 STATION en anglais To enable Verizon Media and our partners to process your personal data select 'I agree', or select 'Manage settings' for more information and to manage your choices. It was Lot F156 and can be found here on Mecum.com. Concepts by Plymouth. Never figured out what that meant. I agree with you that the vault was not water tight and that is a shame. Any time I see an old Fury for sale it seems the owner has (un-originally) named it Christine. D’autres lui donnent l’apparence qu’elle avait après avoir été brûlée lors de l’explosion de la station service. As for the water getting into the vault of the Tulsa Fury, we’ll never know when the water got into it but if they’d have made the vault differently and allowed some way of access that could check on the contents, the destruction of that car could have probably been avoided. HARDTOP 4 portes 6 places à $2365 en 6 cyl 0-100 km/h 8.3 s, 1958 Mercury Park Lane Phaeton Coupe 430 Super Marauder V-8 400-hp Multi-Drive Merc-O-Matic North America U.S.213 km/h / 132 mphest. I think the story on this particular car is that after filming, it was in decent enough shape to be used as the prize in a movie promo raffle. Comme la voiture n’est pas fixée à un socle dans sa boite, il n’y a pas de trous pour les visses, du coup, l’aspect du châssis n’est pas dénaturé. And to avoid any confusion, the RB 383 was a shortlived long stroke engine and not the B-block 383 that remained in production across all divisions for over 10 years. Signalons aussi que c’est cette reproduction française de Christine qui est évoquée dans le livre De nulle part à nulle part quand Emeric la croise sur un parking en France. Le fabricant Auto World est expérimenté en matière de reproductions de vieilles américaines, on n’était donc pas particulièrement inquiet quant à la fidélité de cette miniature par rapport à son modèle originale. Also, in the opening scene of the film when the assembly line employee sat in the car with the fat stogie and ashed on the seat, the seats were red with garnet inserts. LIVRE portes 6 places à $2404 en 6 cyl et $2512 en Depuis que ce modèle réduit est sorti, on ne compte plus ceux qui l’ont détourné, soit pour ajouter des diodes lumineuses à l’arrière, soit pour en changer l’aspect extérieur.Beaucoup reproduisent l’aspect qu’elle avait quand Arnie l’a trouvée à l’état d’épave et y ajoutent un décor pour faire un diorama. Description. My guess is an early 383. IMO the DeSoto was a more wicked-looking car. agrandir) No, no. 15 535 STATION les moteurs sont FILTER. La packaging est facile à réutiliser pour ranger la voiture et ainsi la protéger des coups et de la poussière. 0-1/4 mile 15.4 sest. Dimensions : 29 cm de long x 11 cm de large x 6,9 cm de haut Poids : 1195 g. Le fabricant Auto World est expérimenté en matière de reproductions de vieilles américaines, on n’était donc pas particulièrement inquiet quant à la fidélité de cette miniature par rapport à son modèle originale. galDrag coefficient (Cw-Wert): Cd claimed:Cd estimated by a-c:0.55Inside and outside dimensions, turning circle, track, trunk, cargo volume, frontal and drag area, capacities, etc. Granted it will always be associated with it, but pop culture moves on. The timeframe is spot on…he was close to retirement when the first “Grafitti” came out but I talked him into going for the cars. What a waste. Sorry; I just don’t see $400K-$500K of anything here. - click the button below: Curb weight (without a driver): Weight distribution f/r (%):Dry weight: Shipping weight: Curb weight estimated:1705 kg / 3760 lbsGross vehicle weight rating GVWR: Payload: Payload estimated: Markets, where cars with this particular specifications were sold: North America U.S.Related models: Markets, where cars with this particular specifications were sold: Engine manufacturer:Chrysler B-series V-8 350Engine type:spark-ignition 4-strokeFuel type:gasoline (petrol)Fuel system:gasoline indirect injectionCharge system:naturally aspiratedValves per cylinder:2Valves timing:Additional features:Bendix Electronic Fuel Injection, dual exhaust OHV Emission control:Emission standard:Cylinders alignment:V 8Displacement:5736 cm3 / 350 cuiWhat power? CORONADO Considering It supposed “status”, why would someone bastardize the car by putting a two-bit bumper sticker on the rear bumper?! 1 9 5 8. carrosserie. Parking Lot Find: 1956 Cadillac Sedan De Ville, Stored 30 Years: 1970 Pontiac GTO 4-Speed, Rare Woodie: 1940 Buick Super Estate Wagon. To view table with complete performance data and technical specifications (including final drive and gear ratios, powertrain description, dimensions, accelerations chart etc.) 4400t/mn, compression 9:1 5303 exemplaires / Notify me of new comments via email. Votre adresse de messagerie ne sera pas publiée. et $2600 en V8 Euh c ici mon commentaire en fait: superbe modèle et super article…le Dude (qui se reconnaîtra) va aimer ! Lots of little bits that relate to his other movies. I saw the movie back in the day and noticed it then. 9 941 CONVERTIBLE développant 225cv à 4400t/mn, A third movie, simply titled “The Car” was a seriously bad knock-off of Christine and we paid at the box office to watch that flick, only to walk out after about 20 minutes. Les garnitures de portières ont été travaillées en trois couleurs, deux rouges et une teinte de plus pour simuler les baguettes chromées. SUBURBAN - SAVOY/CUSTOM SUBURBAN - BELVEDERE/SPORT https://fr.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Plymouth_Fury&oldid=176529549, Portail:Époque contemporaine/Articles liés, licence Creative Commons attribution, partage dans les mêmes conditions, comment citer les auteurs et mentionner la licence, Une Plymouth Fury 1958 joue le rôle principal dans le film. 1958 Plymouth Fury Christine Dirty Version avec la Lumière Fonction 1:18 Auto World une. Similarly Sized Vehicles from 1958. moteur/boite. Would love to keep it, ut unfortunately I need to sell.---Restored between 2012-2013. portes 6 places à $2270 en 6 cyl et $2378 en Beautiful car and another movie where they wrecked so many of them that it disappoints me that the car is famous for that!! And so dumb. Apparue en 1956 en tant que version sportive de la Plymouth Belvedere, elle n'était disponible, jusqu'en 1958, qu'en version coupé deux portes sans montants (« 2 door hardtop coupe »), en couleur beige clair, avec des inserts en aluminium anodisé couleur or. CUSTOM SUBURBAN I think that is going to be one of the most famous cars anywhere, for a long long time. compression 9:1 Expectations were high for the 57 and they sold well, but the poor quality killed the brand and even when mostly sorted out,they never sold well again. carrosseries - click the button below:WeightsCurb weight (without a driver): Weight distribution f/r (%):Dry weight: Shipping weight: Curb weight estimated:1705 kg / 3760 lbsGross vehicle weight rating GVWR: Payload: Payload estimated: Plymouth Fury Golden Commando V-8 Fuel Injected (LP2) (man. L’intérieur du coffre apparaît comme le parent pauvre de l’aménagement intérieur. membres du FWDLK mailing list V8 de 317,6cid - 290cv à 5200t/mn. Rouge, blanc et chrome, cette voiture est juste magnifique à regarder, les vitres sont même présentes sur les portières. SPORT SUBURBAN 3 speed)as offered for the year 1958 since November 1957 in North America U.S. Production/sales period of cars with this particular specs: Length:5232 mm / 206 inWidth:2017 mm / 79.4 inHeight:1359 mm / 53.5 inHeight with roof rails or antenna: Wheelbase:2997 mm / 118 in Claimed EPA passenger volume: Calculated EPA passenger volume:97.6 cu ft Fuel capacity:76 liter / 20.1 U.S. gal / 16.7 imp. 11 You can change your choices at any time by visiting Your Privacy Controls. They should have made an effort to check on the vault’s condition then. Modèle: Fury. Add that to the elasticity of movie producers, it’s a wonder Christine wasn’t a Desoto! the neighbor bought a new T-bird in 1956, … that sort of thing. 0-60 mph 7.4 sest. Information about your device and internet connection, including your IP address, Browsing and search activity while using Verizon Media websites and apps. (cliquez pour Unfortunately they did not. 0-100 km/h 7.5 s, 1958 Pontiac Bonneville Sport Coupe Tempest 395 Tri-Power North America U.S.210 km/h / 131 mphest. The lucky guys who bought air-cooled 911s about 10-20 years ago would disagree…. This car features the fins and jet-age styling that was so popular during this era. une option PLYMOUTH. 0-1 km 28.5 sest. BOOK Or subscribe without commenting. I waited years to see that happen but it didn’t. I like fins. eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'barnfinds_com-box-4','ezslot_7',135,'0','0'])); The engine is a small block wedge V8 topped with an Offenhauser intake and dual 4bbl carburetors. 0-60 mph 6.8 sest. portes 6 places à $2134 en 6 cyl et $2242 en Parties mobiles : Direction, portes, capot, coffreMatériaux : métal pour la carrosserie, caoutchouc pour les pneus et PVC pour le reste. 6 cylindres : 230,2cid développant 132cv à 0-1/4 mile 15.6 sest. Before I am through These were largely dealt with by 58, but they were all rusters to some degree. En revanche, lorsqu’on regarde l’arrière de la voiture : « C’est naze les phares arrière ne s’allument même pas… » comme me l’a fait remarquer avec beaucoup de finesse mon fils cadet du haut de ses 8 ans. Full engine data: horsepower/torque rpm, etc. And there WAS just the one car, not a bunch of them used in chases, crashes, different camera angles. sont mises à disponibilité par les membres Andy, I can’t speak to the intake, but the dual-quads were standard on a Golden Commando 350 engine. 0-100 km/h 8.3 s, More cars the same class, with analogous performance: 1958 Plymouth Fury Golden Commando V-8 Fuel Injected (LP2) Market Competition Review, Cars Catalogue Homepage - Automobile-Catalog. 2 portes 6 places à $2083 en 6 cyl et $2190 Le tableau de bord et le volant sont noirs au lieu de blanc et rouge. 12 385 STATION 3600t/mn, compression 8:1 ou V8 : 317,6cid développant 225cv à de la liste eux-mêmes The side trim hockey stick is a fair bit different between the two years. 15 625 STATION 5 925 STATION - click the button below: Inside and outside dimensions, turning circle, track, trunk, cargo volume, frontal and drag area, capacities, etc. As for the comment about being bad cars, they DID have fitment and sealing issues in 57, from rushed design-to-production. A dozen or so cars were found later on a production backlot and either fixed up or parted out by Forward Look enthusiasts. 1958 Plymouth Fury Golden Commando V-8 Fuel Injected (LP2) (man. The transmission is a push-button Torqueflite automatic and the car also features power steering and brakes, which is a nice addition. Restored as the 1958 Plymouth Fury "Christine" from the Stephen King book & movie. Encore mieux, la Alfa Romeo Spider V6 de 220ch se fait carrément distancer sur le même 0 à 100 km/h ! 38 707 STATION selon les recommandations des projets correspondants. $2626 en V8 La dernière modification de cette page a été faite le 12 novembre 2020 à 21:46. quantité 1958 Plymouth Concepts. La Plymouth Fury est une automobile du constructeur américain Plymouth. À la suite du choc pétrolier de 1973, soit de 1974 à 1978, le nom Fury continua à être utilisé par une Plymouth de la série intermédiaire, avec un succès de plus en plus faible qui finit par ne convaincre que les administrations. The colour chart on eBay which you linked to covers many Plymouth models (Plaza, Belvedere, Fury, & Savoy, as the seller indicates in the title). 0-1/4 mile 15.9 sest. modèle. Click here to get it featured on the homepage instead. Parked in 1964 with 13K on the clock, when the windshield was broken. You could not afford to drive it, as any miles you put on it, would lower the value. What top speed ? $2973 en V8 I like to think of what it would have been like had they opened the vault and there was a mint Fury, and after a little while freshening the fuel and putting in a new battery it might have started and run. On voit aussi quelques reproductions de l’atelier de Darnel. DVD 0-100 km/h 7.8 s, 1958 Ford Fairlane 500 Club Victoria Interceptor 352 Special V-8 overdrive North America U.S.196 km/h / 122 mphest. Specifications listing with the outside and inside dimensions, fuel economy, top speed, performance factory data and ProfessCars™ estimation: this Plymouth would accelerate 0-60 mph in 7 sec, 0-100 km/h in 7.4 sec and quarter mile time is 15.6 sec. Specs datasheet with technical data and performance data plus an analysis of the direct market competition of, Plymouth Fury Golden Commando V-8 Fuel Injected (LP2) (man. 230,2cid développant 132cv à Loaded with very rare and extremely hard to find parts! 4400t/mn, compression 9:1 1958 0-1 km 28.2 sest. The colour chart on eBay which you linked to covers many Plymouth models (Plaza, Belvedere, Fury, & Savoy, as the seller indicates in the title). And the engines … Mother Mopar phased in the new corporate B/RB blocks in 1958. Violations of copyright will be prosecuted under the fullest extent of the law.The full Terms and Conditions of using this website and database can be found here. modèle LIVRE Signalons aussi qu’une troisième version est sortie en 2015 avec les vitres fumées (ce qui correspond au moment où Christine attaque les voyous). 1958 Plymouth Fury 19,500.00 EUR. I will take any color on a car except white or black, I am in the market for a new 2019 or 2020 Honda Ridgeline PU and all I seem to find are white or black in my area. Le numéro 276 de Nitro présente cette voiture et son propriétaire. FURY The fact is the 1960 fury although not a famous movie car is a much nicer looking car. 0-60 mph 6.7 sest. ou V8 : 317,6cid développant 225cv à Specs datasheet with technical data and performance data plus an analysis of the direct market competition of Plymouth Fury Golden Commando V-8 Fuel Injected (LP2) (man. comprend 6 ou 9 passagers That’s not a small block, is that a small block? 39 062 CLUB SEDAN Think of how it sat there in the vault as the water crept up past the tires, slowly to the roof, over months and years. La finition de cet objet a de quoi combler n’importe quel fan de Christine. Just last night I was watching Stephen kings “castle rock” in the parade there was his Christine. Tres rare 7 sieges,marche correctement,tres saine,pas de corrosion. The 57’s had it. $3032 6 vendus. Lieu de fabrication : ChineAge requis : 10 ansCode barre : 849398004470. SAVOY comprend 4 0-1/4 mile 15.5 sest. The dash-mounted rearview mirror is a pretty unique feature. The 0-1/4 mile 15.8 sest. The movie was made decades ago and is not exactly a cult movie today. développant 305cv à 5000t/mn, Au niveau des parties mobiles, rien à signaler, les roues avant sont directionnelles et connectées au volant, le coffre, le capot et les portières peuvent s’ouvrir. This car was in the same building as the Bullitt car, and frankly I enjoyed seeing it more than the Mustang. Le Le châssis est souvent l’aspect le moins travaillé, si un fabricant se donne la peine de mettre une fenêtr… Coupe HT 2dr. There is no way this 1958 is worth $275K. 0-60 mph 8.2 sest. The same class cars with similar performance (1/4 mile times) and kind of fuel, with manual transmission: 1958 Pontiac Chieftain Catalina Coupe Tempest 395 Tri-Power North America U.S.208 km/h / 129 mphest. In my eyes, the ugliest full size Chevy ever put on wheels because of that clenched butt cheeks back end. 19 500 COUPE CORRESPONDANTS SUBURBAN/FURY et à l'étranger (Belgique) les moteurs Comparing the two is like comparing monkeys to sombreros. La Fury devient un modèle à part entière à compter du millésime 1959 et constituera le modèle haut de gamme (full-size) de la marque Plymouth (notamment dans ses versions Sport Fury et Gran Fury) jusqu'en 1973 pendant cinq générations au succès variable. 0-100 km/h 7.5 s, 1958 Edsel Pacer 2-Door Hardtop overdrive North America U.S.195 km/h / 121 mphest. Plymouth Cabana Concept . / prix eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'barnfinds_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_20',106,'0','0'])); The red and white theme carries into the interior and you can see this car is immaculate. 0-1/4 mile 15.8 sest. They drive like an overloaded rowboat. . Information générale Imprimer cette annonce. I wonder if he kicks himself for letting it go so cheap! 0-60 mph 7.4 sest. l'ensemble SAVOY / Given the tradtionally smaller market share that Mopar has held, and the way car people tend to be brand loyal to what they are familiar with, it is no wonder so many people like Chevys and Fords and are unfamiliar with others like Mopars and Studebakers. Visitez eBay pour une grande sélection de plymouth fury 1958.

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